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  1. Are you a hotel owner in Dubai ?
  2. Are you a travel agency owner who has inbound service to Dubai ?
  3. Are you providing Dubai Visa to nationalities that should apply for visa before their arrival to UAE?
  4. Are you tired of typing visa application on EDNRD.ae ?
  5. Are you worn-out of checking visa status on EDNRD.ae website?
  6. Are you exhausted of emailing or faxing visas to your customers all over the world?
  7. Do you believe the profit ratio of UAE visa is very little and the management of this huge number of visa is a nightmare.
  8. Is the accounting and management of daily 20 visas, weekly 150 visas or monthly 3000 visas making you tired?
  9. Did you know that any mistake in your visa application can cost you 210 AED to 8000 AED over stay penalty?
  10. Do you sell city tour, aqua tour, safari and etc to your clients?
  11. Is the accounting and management of visa applications and tour operations of 3000 passengers a month being a headache for you?

If you answered YES to most of the above questions, then the answer to your peace of mind is EVISA SOLUTION software. The software which is installed and worked for more than 180 travel agencies and some of them are handling more than 500 visas a day without any of above problems and difficulties which you are dealing with.

For over 7 years Shoma.net has focused on travel agencies and its needs. Our extensive and easy to use EVisa solution software features and training give the travel agency companies the tools they need to take control of the world of tourism industry. EVisa solution is powerful, fully integrated business software that gives travel agencies full financial control and visibility into invoicing, sales, visa services and much more. 

Now that we got your attention, let's highlight some of the important features of visa solution software;

  1. In Evisa solution, after finishing typing of a visa on the ENDRD.ae website, and attaching the passport copy and a photo of the passenger, you will receive the application number. Then you can simply save the entire passenger's details which you have typed in your own computer under your customer's name who has requested that visa.
  2. All of your daily visa request can be typed by your customer on your own website and simply by EVisa solution software click on VISA REQUEST LIST and select any of the visa request and click on SUBMIT button till the software type the new visa and attach the passport copy to EDNRD website and give you an application number in less than 10 second!!
  3. All of your visa which you have submitted on immigration website will be automatically, without retyping be saved in your computer under your client's (agent) name who has requested those visas. This will allow you to even print the visa after the passenger leaves the country.
  4. You will always be only one click away from getting a list of all visas of any of your customers within your given and requested time period. For example, if you wish to get the list of visas from last week till today, or any other given date, on search & update section click on search button to get the list of your visas according to the search criteria which you have selected. 
  5. By one click on UPDATE button, The EVISA SOLUTION software will check the visa status of visa of which you have submitted on immigration website and configure the same status in your computer.
  6. Whenever any of your visas gets approved on EDNRD.ae website, your visa will be ready in your computer and you don't need to go to immigration website for checking the visa status.
  7. With Evisa solution software, making an invoice couldn't be easier! By one single click on make invoice, you will have an invoice with your letterhead with the name of the passenger, passport number, visa number, visa request number, type of visa and selling price of visa and the total amount which they will owe you for that invoice.
  8. You will always be able to track your customer's statement for the money which they paid, have balance or owe you.
  9. In addition, there are much features and services for full hotel booking engine and tour operation in our Visa Solution software

Just let us meet you and install this software free of charge for a 15 days trial period that you can experience how simply you can track down your office operation with EVISA SOLUTION and making all our above points make sense

Contact us for a demo to understand how our exceptional Evisa solution software can power your visa distribution business.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Shoma.net we are not happy until you are not happy!