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Auto Update

By Selecting Auto Update submenu from the Visa Menu of your program, you will be able to setup a specific date and client from your clients list. As well, you can update visa status of all of your clients as per the latest status on EDNRD website based on your specification of the minute which you have selected.

To do so: you will have a new window as follows :

So you can specify your auto update filter, by choosing a starting date on "From" section, and choose an ending date on "To" section, then choose your member and the minutes of which you want to update then simply click on the Start button.

Note: in this section as we have said in the LOGIN TO EDNRD menu section, before you start working with EDNRD, you should be logged in to EDNRD website then click on START .

Also in this screen there is a log section which shows you when this auto update started and what happened during the auto update process. You might experience seeing some application numbers appear in log section which do not exist, that means these applications have been deleted from EDNRD website but still are available in your Evisa Solution.