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Data Wizard

Data wizard is a feature of Evisa solution software which gives you the chance to transfer the visas which are typed out of the Evisa Solution. It means, if you have given your EDNRD UN/PW to anybody else, and they have typed the visa out of your office, you can transfer those visas to Evisa solution software and specify which visa belongs to which one of your customers.

For start doing Data Wizard, first make sure to Login To EDNRD, then click on Data Wizard menu, a new screen with 5 steps ribbon on top will open to transfer the visa.


In first step select the Sponsor name which you want to transfer the visa under that account.

Then click on Next button  which is on the right bottom of the screen. On the next screen click the refresh button  to pull up the visa status page of immigration website. Then select the date or application No. which you want to transfer, then after, see the upcoming page which shows the list of all visas (or a visa). you can click on Click To ADD button in right middle of the screen.

Then you will receive a new popup window which asks you:

Do you want to add all visas? If you click YES, it will transfer the total visas which are listed on the right side column, if you click NO, will pop up a new window and give you the chance to select the visa which you want to transfer and then click OK.

Now you will see the selected visas in the right side column of screen. You can click on  button on right side bottom of the screen to go to the next page.

In Section 3, you have the list of visas which can be seen. You can select each visa by a check box  and then select the name of the customer who has requested that specific visa from the right side of customer column as below

Then click on CLICK TO ADD button again,

And you repeat this section till you can specify each visa to be under the name of which one of your customers. Then click on next  button, which is on the right bottom corner of the screen, to go to the Step 4. Then you will see the update button  which is on the right bottom corner of the screen and click on UPDATE button and wait till the update process finishes. After receiving the message of UPDATE COMPLETED, click on ok button to go to the last step which is Step 5. In this section you will see the list of visas with the latest immigration visa statuses. Simply click on Save  button on the bottom of the right corner of the screen to save all of your visas under the name of your customers. Then a small popup message will confirm that, Data Saved.