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Entry & Exit

In Entry & Exit submenu of report Menu, you will be able to generate report for checking the status of the time period which the passenger stays for the below given options:

  1. More than 14 days
  2. More than 30 days
  3. More than 60 days

By clicking on this submenu, you will have the below window which gives you the chance to select few options for your entry & exit report as follows:

  1. Client (single client or all the clients)
  2. Filter by (Application date, enter date and exit date)
  3. Time period
  4. Filter by (over 14, over 30 and over 60)

Then by clicking search button you will have the list of visas in different colours as shown below

Please be noted that the colour differences are explained underneath of the above picture

After getting the result of your search you will have the option to print the result by clicking the print button and have a hard copy for your record or to send out that record as a PDF file via email to your desired recipients.