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Header & footer

To make your invoices and printout more personalized and professional, in the “header and footer” submenu of program menu, you will be able to upload the header and footer of your letterhead to the Evisa Solution program to print your invoices and documents which you make in Evisa Solution.

To do that you should have a minimum knowledge of picture editing with Photoshop or any other picture editor programs to make two file of header and footer with below specification

Note: Please be noted that your header and footer (both files) should not be bigger than 21 cm and smaller than 20 cm in width and as for the height of the files, it should not exceed more than 3 cm otherwise; you will have a very small space to print the content of your invoice.

Once you have both of your header and footer files in JPEG format. Click on the “Change” button as it shown below, then browse and select the header which you have prepared. Then, you may choose your footer and upload it to the program as well.