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How To Install Evisa Solution

First go to Download link, then download the latest software from our www.evisa.ae website.

After finishing the download, double click the downloaded setup file and click on the "next" button which shown on the below screen.


then follow the installation steps and keep the same installation folder which is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\eVisa\eVisa or C:\Program Files\eVisa\eVisa

Please be noted for computers with windows 64-bit, the installation folder will be C:\Program Files (x86)\eVisa\eVisa folder and for older windows which are 32-bit will be : C:\Program Files\eVisa\eVisa.



As you can see in the above screen, You have the option to install for one user of that computer (just me) or every other users which is defined for your computer as (Everyone). then click next to start the installation



In the next screen click on the "Next" button.



Now, click on "Close" button to finish the installation. please note, there is a final step that is very important to make you able to open your evisa solution software which is:

you need to copy the DAT.xml files which shoma.net has given you to the folder which you have installed evisa solution. the folder will be one of the following folders according to your operatng system version (windows 64 bit or 32 bit):

C:\Program Files (x86)\eVisa\eVisa (64 bit OS)
C:\Program Files\eVisa\eVisa (32 bit OS)

Also note, if you find any DAT.xml file in above folder, first remove it then paste the Dat.xml files which you have for your evisa solution.

NOTE: please make sure to keep your DAT.xml files and the latest update in a safe place for your future installation and/or un installation of evisa solution.