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Member List

In member list Submenu of Program menu, you will be able to ADD, EDIT and DELETE your Clients at any time. We have named “Member” List menu (not client list) because they will be the “members” of your website, who can login to your website as a member to get services which is restricted to members (clients) who has a contract with your company.

By clicking on this submenu you will see the below window which will let you search for the existing members. By double clicking on any of them you will have the option to edit their information at any time.

Or you can click on PLUS sign to add a new member as shown below:

Simply start filing the form and click on the SAVE Button.

For a better understanding, we have explained some of the terms which are used in the field form:

Note: IMUsername is an abbreviation of immigration Username, it means if you have given a UN/PW of immigration to any of your client, you may use that username in this field which helps you during the Data Wizard to recognize this customer and the visas which have been typed in EDNRD website by this client.

Note: Selecting the “Is active” check box; it means you have given the permission to this client to login to your website by his/her UN/PW which you have provided them (as it is shown in the above screen).

Note: Selecting the “Print Visa” Check box, it means you have enabled your client to print the approved visa from your website. And vice versa, by removing the check mark of this check box, they won’t be able to print the approved visa from your website.

Note: “Start balance” means the balance which your clients have with your company from the date you add them to the Evisa Solution. When you add your customer to the Evisa solution, you must show their balance as of that day. Which means you must specify if they owe your company any amount or if they have any money in your account. For example, if they owe you 23000 AED you must write -23000 (minus 23000) and if they have money in your account, it means they have 23000 and you should write the start balance is 23000.

Note: “Credit Limit” means the credit which you have given to that customer for their financial transaction within your website. Once they use up their credit and finish it, they won’t be able to make any online transaction, such as visa request, hotel request or tour request.