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Picture Download Upload

Picture download and upload submenu is for downloading the final personal pictures which will be on the visa print. It uploads those pictures to your website till your visa print looks identical to EDNRD visa.

By clicking on this menu, you will have the below Screen as follows:


And you will be able to select the Visa which you have applied or visas which are issued from a selected date to a specific ending date and then click start.

Note: we strongly suggest you to do this process every day for visas which are applied from the day before. Doing that helps you to always have proper photos on your website without repeating this process again. *

After click on start you will have a new screen which is very important as follows:


If you minimize the picture download, upload , your pictures will be black boxes and it will not show the proper personal photos of your visa. Then you will get another message as follows:



Above message means if you want to download all of the photos of your search criteria or just photos of which are not available in your Evisa solution software. After downloading your pictures from immigration website, it will give you a message of your download completed and upload will start. By clicking on ok button, you will have a new pop up message asking you as follows:



By selecting YES you will upload only new photos which are downloaded and by clicking on NO it will upload all the photos which are found on the specific From and To date which you have selected.