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Supplier payment

In supplier payment Submenu of program menu, you will be able to record the payment which you make to your supplier

By clicking on this submenu you will have a new window pops up which is very similar to the member payment list form:

On the search option section of this window, you can search by giving any of your suppliers name, the desired date or even the amount of which you have paid to your customer.

At any time you can double click on any of the payments to edit it, such as: add a note to that payment record or change the date of the payment.

Also, to print that payment on your letterhead you may single click on any of your payments which you have in your payment list then click on print button or to delete that payment record, you may click on the MINUS button.

By clicking on PLUS sign you will have a new window which lets you to add a payment which you have paid to any of your supplier on your Evisa solution software. Diagram as follows: