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Tour / Service Invoices

In this Submenu of Tour section, you will be able to generate Invoice for any of the given Tours or Services to your customers.

By clicking on this Submenu you will have the below Screen

In this section you will have the below options to do on invoices:

  1. Make a New invoice
  2. Edit Exisiting Invoice
  3. Deleting the invoice
  4. And printing an invoice

By clicking on the plus Sign you will see the below screen to make an invoice


First step, you must select your customer from the Member drop down menu. Then enter your Inovice Date, followed by Customer request No. and if it is related to any hotel Booking, you must also select Booking No from given option of related booking. Also, in the Note section you will be able to write your note. At this point, you are ready to add your Tour or service to this invoice, so click on PLUS sign on top of the screen to open up a new window as it shown:

As you can see, in drop Down Menu you can select the Tour/ Service and No. of Adults, Childs and Infants then the software will accordingly calculate the rates as per the prices which you have defined in your tour or service price section before.

As it shown in the above window, you will be able to modify the prices manually for each and every customer to give them higher or lower price as you wish.

Then click on OK button to go back to your previous screen which you can see in the Background of the above screen. By clicking on Save icon  this invoice will be saved and you can print on your letter head to send it by fax, by email or even as a PDF file.