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Tour & Services Items

In this Submenu of Tour & Service Menu of EVisa solution, you will be able to add any tours or services to Evisa solution software and as a result you will be able to keep the accounting records for the suppliers and buyers. You also will be able to generate invoices for the tours and services which you will sell to your customers.

In this section, as you can see in below screen

by taking your mouse over the Plus, Pen, Minus, and the Camera icons, you will see the options which you have in this section. The options are the following:

  1. Add tour or service
  2. Edit
  3. Delete
  4. Add photos

By Clicking on Plus Sign you will have a new screen to add your Tour or Service. The following figure shows you how the screen will look:

In this screen you can add a Tour, for example Big Bus tour which you would either buy from Big Bus Company directly as a supplier or from a broker. As well, you can add a service such as airport pickup which you would either buy from a hotel or from a supplier. As you can see, you have many options for the tour or service which you could add in this Screen.

By clicking on drop down menu of From Buy, you will have the option to select one of the following: Hotels, Suppliers or brokers and by selecting any of the Buy From option, it will list you the sub category of each main category.

Here, we have just selected the supplier and from the supplier list we select the desire supplier name and then will write the Tour name, i.e., Night Tour and accordingly fill up the information which has given the following options:

  • Short description
    Return Details
    For adult price
    For child
    For infant
  • After filing all the above information you have the option to click on icon which you can see on the above screen to add any Extra details about this tour or service which will be shown in your website. (Optional)

    But it is a must to click on KEY button to put the availability of this Tour or service and in order to go to the next step and get the below screen:

Simply Click on Plus sign and select a date to fill in "From Date" and "To Date" and the quantity "QTY" of this service or tour which you have available for that certain period of time. Then click on OK button, click on icon to confirm this availability and you will return to the previous screen which is shown below:

Once you click on Save Icon this record will be saved. However, you can click on edit option at any time to edit or delete it.

You also have another option for putting the group price for your tour or service which is shown with icon. By clicking on group Price Icon you will have the below screen to specify your group price. The following figure shows you the screen shot of it:


As you can see by Clicking on Plus Sign you will have the option to select the number of Adults, Childs or Infants to make a group and put the cost price of this group and the selling price. Then by clicking on OK button, you will have what is shown on the above screen. Click on button to save this group price and again on the last screen click on icon to save what you have edited in your tour or service.