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Update Entry & Exit

In this Menu, you will be able to Update Entry & Exit date of your visa status. Please be noted, this Update Entry & Exit is based on your every regular visa status update. Evisa Solution software is programed to check for visas which change the status from approved to entered to country and also visas which change from entered to country to left the country.  As soon as this change happens Evisa accordingly will take that DATE as enter or exit date. So it is completely based on your regular update, if you miss to update every day and every night, there is a possibility that your entry or/and exit day be different from one date to another date and wont be accurate .

As you can see in below screen you must click on Green circle icon  to start the update entry and Exit date.


As you can see where the red Arrow points, start to update your Not Entered visa, then proceed to visas which are changed to Not Existed (Left the country).