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Visa Invoice

In Visa Invoice screen, you will be able to generate visa invoice for customers. By clicking on this submenu of visa menu, you will have a new screen which will let you select your customer from the customer list and the desired date by clicking on search button to get the list of the existing invoices which have been made for the selected customer



After clicking on search button by selecting any of the invoices which are listed, you will be able to Edit, Delete or print that invoice with below buttons or you can click on make a new invoice and generate invoice.

By clicking on creating new invoice a new window will pop up as below:



And you will be able to either write your desired Invoice Number or you can leave the automated Number which has been generated. Just click on  Add Visa to list, then a new window will pop up as follows:



Now you can select your desired visas which you want to add, as per the application date or visa issue date and simply click on Check Boxes of the visa which you want and click Ok, to return to the previous Screen.

To change the selling prices you can either do it for each visa one by one or as a group of visas. To edit selling prices of a group of visa, just put the mouse on SALES field and left click on the mouse button, then without releasing the mouse button, grab it from the visa which you selected to the visas which you want to put the same price. At this point, the Sales field will be in DARK Blue colour as belwo picture, release the mouse button and click on the ENTER button of your keyboard, you will see the first row of Sales field becomes editable with a blue sky colour as ZERO which you see as follows:


And now, just type the desired amount and click on the ENTER button of your keyboard again, and you will see those visa selling prices will change to the amount which you have typed. Simply click on the Save button. You will now, have a new Visa Invoice for the selected customer with your selling price.

Note: you will be able to also edit the cost price with the same procedure at the same or any other time.