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Visa Request List

As you know, with EVisa Solution software you have a website which enables your customer to keep sending you visa request by filling a visa application form which is very similar to the EDNRD new visa application form.

So in this section you will be able to download these visa requests data and the software simply copies and transfer those info (personal information, accompanied details, photos and passport copies) to a new visa form in EDNRD website on behalf of you and it will give you an application no in less than 10 second.

To do that, you just click on the Visa Request List Submenu from the visa menu, then in a new screen you can Select the customer, date and etc. as follows:



Click on SEARCH button to list the visa requests, then click on Download Images button  to download the passport copy and the personal photo of visa requests then a  will be Activated on the right bottom of the screen which means you can select the check boxes  of visa of which you want to submit to the immigration website.

So you will select the visa request (or Visa Requests) which you want to submit and then click on  button and a new Window will pop up. In the new Screen just click on  till the Evisa Solution software types the visa requests one by one and attaches the required documents (personal photos and passport copies) to immigration and gives you the application NO.